This is Casual Sex: the creative collective turning artist coverage on its head

Casual Sex is not your usual collective. Shunning the media sphere of the usual hum-drum boxed interview questions of the outgrown model, these guys are pushing the envelope and taking on the world of online content with a fresh face.

They’re building a brand to support and authentically portray the musicians of the underground scene – and in doing so creating a portfolio of creatives with a drive to do a whole lot more.

The gang have released two interviews so far – and there are two more immanently in the works. They’ve adopted a short-film style: each feature spans at least 8 to 12 minutes and follows the chosen artists through familiar landscapes.

Le Roux (of The Valley) is filmed in the Bronze Age Sculpture House, where the musician fills the rest of his time as a modern-day alchemist. He uses flamethrowers, acids and an array of visual techniques to ‘patina’ the work of top South African sculptors and metal-artists. That’s something we certainly haven’t heard before.

Black Math, on the other hand, is filmed from the worn leather seats of a car outside Endless Daze Festival 2018, the day after their performance, passing round a joint. It’s unscripted and immersive, shedding a uniquely real light on artists through the lens of their homies, pretty much.

This collective are all about getting to artists on a level beyond their work: from who they play with, to what they do in their spare time, and what inspires them. Collaboration is the central point of Casual Sex.

Champing at the bit, they have upcoming features with Honeymoan (illustrated by @thatgirl_withglasses), and Boogarins (shot on film, like true pros) – and we can’t wait to see what they dive into next.