TOMS has just opened its first music shop in Cape Town and it’s about time

TATC has been fortunate enough to work with TOMS for the last three years and over that time we’ve gotten to know the extended family very well. So well in fact that we once bonded over a stupidly hot peri peri chicken lunch at their head office in the middle of peak loadshedding season. But that’s a story for another time.

From Braamfontein to Bloemfontein and back, TATC has covered Annual Sales and product launches, but I’ve honestly never been as excited as I am for today’s announcement.

Cape Town’s legendary music store space in Buitengracht Street is now a loud and proud TOMS Music Shop. And also the first official TOMS shop in Cape Town.

From Marshall Music to Mars Music to the newly branded space of TOMS, the shop has never looked better. “It’s super exciting to see the legacy of this Cape Town institution being carried forward into the future by such a strong brand like TOMS,” store manager Gray Lowndes told us. “To our customers, we are here to stay and look forward to being of service to you.”

TOMS are as excited as everyone else explaining, “After 41 years of servicing the musical instrument and pro-audio industry, we’re excited to expand our retail footprint and present TOMS to the Mother City!”

We’ll be popping through to the newly-revamped store over the course of the weekend so be sure to come say hi!