All This For Nothing are back with their multi-faceted album Reverence

After a 13 year break, All This For Nothing have reunited to release Reverence, an album exhibiting just how much more than progressive punk rock band they actually are.

What started as a way of healing has become something dynamic, diverse and at times, surprising. With a wide range of influences forming its DNA, each song has multiple identities that it flips between seemingly at will.

The album’s first half keeps a pretty consistent sound going. “Existence”, “Sirens”, and “Withdrawn” are all built on a foundation of pop-punk with some prog elements thrown in for a bit of spice. The second half, however, changes the formula.

“Reverence” starts off calmly and quietly before building into a section that sounds like if Pink Floyd had written the intro of “Money for Nothing” and then exploding into a prog-heavy lament about our relationship with earth. 

“Aurora Eyes”, a love song tender enough to break through all your barriers, changes the game again with its contemporary folk sound before “Divine Contraption” brings us full circle.Even though Reverence wears many hats, All This for Nothing don’t sacrifice any of their identity as a band. Every nuance is crafted to become a part of their sound which creates a distinctive personality.