Androgenius is back for one last hurrah of the year with their EP 2 and it’s jazzy-funk finery

I’ll start this one off by saying that you’re all going to want to pile into the Raptor Room tonight for the launch party jol to get your hips moving to this one.

Androgenius already dropped an EP in May this year, and they’re back with an even sturdier counterpart to wrap up their year. It’s a smooth and dreamy amalgamation of alt-jazz explorations, injected with a hearty dose of funk-esque rhythm which will keep you moving and grooving.

Honeyed, soul-infused vocals a la Al Clapper pretty much make up the centerpiece of the EP: cream-smooth with enough inflection to keep them gender-neutral, while the lyrics span right across the love and life spectrum – but mostly love.

“You know that Cape Town bitches ain’t easy.”

They drop a couple of truths on the banes of dating in the Mother City in “CTBAE”, and fall into the depths of overthinking that text in the guitar-centric “Should I Just Call.”

I’m a sucker for a bass line and there’s no shortage of them throughout this offering. “Misadventurous” delivers a good one through a cheeky, stripped and simple hip-hop vein, while “Icarus” drives a bounce through the sound.

I’d better wrap up, but these guys have a whole lot going for them and my ears are peeled for the next.

EP2 is available on Soundcloud for free download, but just for the weekend.

Photo creds go to Kraig Maxwell, wardrobe by Merwe Mode.