Arizona Zervas just skyrocketed to the top of the Billboard streaming charts with “Roxanne” but he’s got no plans to be a one hit wonder

Until October 2018, the only people who had heard of Arizona Zervas was his small, niche, hyper-commmited fan-base he’d built for himself on Spotify through a steady stream of releases since 2016.

To assume the 24-year-old has only just emerged from the woodwork in the last couple of months would be a gross understatement, this guy has been going for years.

Cue the release of his viral hit “Roxanne” and his monthly Spotify listener count was catapulted from 504,009 to close on 10.9 million to plant the track firmly in the UK Top 40 list – becoming one of the first artists to ever do so without the backing of a label. That being said, he’s recently been scooped by Columbia Records which has set him up pretty for a nice solid career in the making.

He clocks in with a classic hip-hop tangent bent on a comfortable pop slant. “Roxanne” is one of the 50 most streamed tracks on Spotify and it’s got the hooks to go with it. Where his contemporaries (see Post Malone – Zervas has his influenced stamped all over him) might favour a darker trajectory, Zervas’s sound is a whole lot lighter.

Summery, textured, high-tone notes breeze through the verses. In all honesty Roxanne sounds like a whole lot of trouble (“Roxanne/ All she wanna do is party all night/ Never gonna love me but its alright.”) but Zervas is hooked and she got him this far, so good luck to him.

This guy is going places, so keep both your eyes and ears out.