David Watkyns’ video for “Magic” is a solid debut that shows a clear creative direction

David Watkyns releases his debut single and video “Magic” – a song where dreams become reality and the magic of love is regained after losing it. 

“Quarter past three, I’m sinking / waiting for the coffee to kick in,” sings Watkyns in the fog and colour of Cape Town’s Casa do Mar Bar. It may seem like an all-time low for the singer, yet the sounds and visuals that coincide with those words are hardly sinking at all. There’s even a part in the video where David plays piano suspended in mid air – probably being pulled up with the persuasive energy of his music. Where he’s going, no one knows. Probably The Thirsty Turtle… it’s right up the road. 

Graduating with a Bachelor in Jazz Studies from UCT, Watkyns has a classically skilled background that puts him a notch above his contemporaries. While his trumpet solo is proof of that virtue, it still doesn’t save the track from its hum-drum pop melody. Even so, the video makes up for that with creative direction, seeped in aesthetic touch and professionalism. Watkyns paves the way in this regard, and strikingly so.