Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #109

A little bit of pop, a smattering of hip hop and a lot of dramatic synths. Sounds like the perfect cocktail of music to welcome the weekend into our lives. There is also a sweet reminder about the significance of supporting live music slapped in the centre of this selection, for good measure.

And now that it is officially December, please remember to leave the house looking your best and don’t forget to feed the cats because you may only get back from the groove in a few days. time.

Jono Smithers – Cape Town

Hailing from Plettenberg Bay, this 23 year old singer-songwriter is currently completely his studies at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Having secured scholarships and strong support for his music from a young age, you can hear the level of his talent, experience and expert training reflected in the structure and delivery of his music. This single, and Jono’s forthcoming debut album are a celebration of the culmination of his studies and recognition of his multiple achievements thus far. An ode to a beautiful city, his friends and a care-free summer.

Kidwithamatch – Connection Lost

This is a new moniker from the artist behind ‘My Age Is Digital’. An artist capable of eliciting such chilling emotion from their music that The Loeries ranked them as the Top Music Composer for 2019. Connection Lost feels, in many ways, like a connection found. A deep sense of kindred spirituality enrobed by haunting chords and dramatic strings that fluctuate between calm and chaos. A rollercoaster of emotions that most of us experience of a daily basis. It’s undeniable genius to be able to assure someone they are not alone in the world, while acknowledging the harsh realities of life – all without saying a single word

MABUTA – Lights Down (Live in Cape Town)

What I enjoy most about live videos of this nature is the uncensored glimpse into the construction of the music. Where the parts are interchangeably as significant as the whole. Each of the musicians in MABUTA are wildly talented and successful in their own right but, just like a flawlessly composed song, they all know when to take centre stage and when to rise as a collective. It’s a thing of beauty to witness. I don’t believe there are enough people aware of how incredible South African contemporary jazz musicians are, and how they struggle to find their place here because of the lack of venues and support. Perhaps witnessing videos like this will encourage you to support where you can, because these musicians deserve that and way more. 

M2KaN3 x MarazA – Digits (Prod By @Young2unnBeats)

There are a handful of artists who make their way onto this list every time they have a new release and M2KaN3 is one of these artists. Always pushing boundaries with the producers he works with, the collaborators he features and his own performance. The hook on this track is an immediate winner, the lowslung beat is the perfect foundation for the dark, gravelly vocals rolling around in the low-end. The balance of the sonic landscape is filled with slick verses and cheeky adlibs.

Mr Blase feat Yolanda Fyrus – Niyabaleka

It is part of South Africa’s heritage to make protest songs. For decades our predecessors have rallied in protest against oppression in multiple forms. Our country is in a constant state of change, fueled by each generations frustration with the status quo. In this case, the powerful Yolanda Fyrus has partnered with dance music producer Mr Blase in a call out to our politicians about running away from the real issues at hand in our country and constantly breaking the promises they make. This track has already received strong support internationally with the likes of Black Coffee backing it.