Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #110

One thing I’m not accustomed to in my line of work is end of year office parties. Mostly because December isn’t closing time, but rather a very open season. Both to my surprise and then subsequent dismay, I have been invited to several year end functions this year and had to turn them all down due to work. But for this of you who are deep in the jol, here are some tracks to keep you going. 

Urban Village – Sakhisizwe

The first single off their debut album arrives today and all streaming platforms. Released via NO FORMAT! The Paris-based label is home to the likes of Oumou Sangare and many more. Urban Village strikes between traditional and contemporary culture to tell the story of their heritage while delivery commentary on current affairs. This single, in particular, is about building our nation. Subject matter that should always be in the conscious thought of us as a people.

Miles of White – The Future

Waking up to a new EP from Miles of White is tantamount to a brand new episode of your favourite series. The excitement of a story continued, new plot lines and a barrage of emotions. And while you should be listening to the whole EP, I’m featuring ‘The Future’ in all its brushed-snare breakbeat glory as we hurtle towards a new decade. The things we thought were fantastical and new-age just a few short years ago are now right at our fingertips. We are also responsible for every action we make and how that affects our future, so a beautifully constructed “synth-phony” as the soundtrack only seems appropriate.

Bam Bam Brown – Daylight

One of the blessings of growing within the South African music industry is being privy to the progress of artists. Bam Ban Brown has become such an powerful songwriter. His live performance style has always been high energy and engaging which makes it even more special that his storytelling is supported by depth in composition and considered musical construction. If this is what daylight sounds like everyday then it may help me wake up a bit earlier in the morning.

Moonchild Sanelly – Boys and Girls feat Patty Monroe

Sanelly has released an EP called Nudes. ‘Boys and Girls’ plays with a more experimental beat sound that is deeply contrasting to the Gqom hits she featured all over in the past few years. This track is a cheeky anthem featuring the seductive stylings of Cape Town performing artist Patty Monroe. It’s a lowslung booty-shaker, a club night opener, or the warm up at the pre-game for your night out with your girls.

Diamond Thug – Choo Choo Remix feat Kay Faith and YoungstaCPT

When I first caught wind that Kay Faith was remixing Diamond Thug, I was intrigued and excited. Kay Faith’s musical knowledge across genres is almost unmatched when it comes to local producers. And to sweeten the pot, she brought YoungstaCPT into the cut. This is honestly one of the best cross-genre collaborations I’ve ever heard and everyone who touched this piece of magic should be extremely proud.