Jay Cubed gives “Zero Fxxks” about the shenanigans of the entertainment industry and ain’t afraid to show it

It’s only been a month or so since Jay Cubed dropped his last release and he’s not stopping any time soon. In fact, his latest EP I Took My Own Advice (released by his recently scooped Spanish label, Corvette Records) hit the airwaves this weekend – but I’m going to focus on “Zero Fxxks” for now.

The Mafikeng native returns to his Motswako roots on this one, framed in a dark and eerie trap beat. At its core the track is a bold-edged mission statement of Cubed’s disinterest in whatever so-called glam the music industry temptingly waves under artists’ noses.

High-tone production lays the foundation on which Cubed spills his bi-lingual verses. The video is awash in bold colour and garish trinkets. He reclines lazily in a throne-like chair in one shot – in another he squares up to the camera against a peachy background, shackled and chained. Everything about it screams post-modern hip-hop creativity.

“I will always be a creative and am not interested in the fake glitz and glamour of the game,” he says, and I can almost see his chin thrust defiantly forward along with the statement.