Meet ADV: the enigmatic multi-temperament rocker with a taste for all things retro

It’s a tricky things to pin down just who ADV is in the first place – and after some thorough net-surfing which revealed very little, you’re simply going to draw your own conclusions about this solo rocker, as will I.

ADV is a drummer, singer, songwriter, guitarist, bassist. He does it all and more – and before his brand new solo rebuild which surfaced this year, he spearheaded rock delinquents Haiven, banged drums for Bob & The Banned, and pocketed the title of certified sound engineer.  

He’s taken on a curiously retro slant in his approach to his solo releases – which all take on his chosen genre from decidedly different angles. “Dead End Town” soundtracks a slaphappy 1950’s melody line pared against grittily vengeful, roaring choruses – while “I Am” lays down a hollow beat as the groundwork before 1990’s rock ‘n’ roll parameters launch a deluge of riffage.

Left-field odes to love enter the mix in the form of “You Said You’d Love” – stripped right down until halfway through when it deviates into a full-blown modern rock track, with a couple of pop-esque hooks through in for good measure. But “Eye” takes the cake for perhaps the most wholesome track of his repertoire so far – a 5 minute, eerie, almost acoustic audial navigation of all those twists and turns in life.

For him, the best music often comes from a low place, when one is struggling and hungry for success. “I’m glad I don’t have the most convenient life, it just fuels my creativity,” he adds, and I don’t think I’ve heard truer words spoken.