Nick Pitman teams up with Nosihe Zulu for his new single and video, “Rollercoaster” in a bid at cross-genre collaboration

Inspired by the Durban nightlife, Nick Pitman’s new single and video “Rollercoaster”, featuring vocals by Nosihe Zulu, tells a story of chance and glorious nights. Pitman’s writing serves that feeling to a tee, and takes the classic band sound of guitar instrumentals lobbed against disco electronics to create an all-consuming energy. 

The video plays out as a kind of collaborative shoot between friends and other independent artists in Durban, all having a fine time. Pitman talks about “ground level relationships” and giving these artists and their talent as much exposure as possible. The same goes for Nosihe’s outstanding vocals, and in making these connections, Pitman’s goal is to continue forming one, collective future. 

Nosihe’s vocal power is nothing to be taken lightly, such that it even tends to overshadow other parts of the track. Except maybe for the Mark Ronson breakdown three quarters of the way in – that’s a groove I can’t get enough of. Still the chorus is a little too tight, waning no relief from its high-pitched run, and the production could use some honing. 

Pitman smashes two genres together – the isolated drum and bass, the space-rave melodies, the overriding vitality behind these musicians and their passion –  and it ultimately goes to show the power of collaboration.