Park Life in Muizenberg Park felt like the place to kick off December and summer in just the right way

It was an all-age jam fest on the Muizenberg Park Hill with peachy views of the berg and a splash of colour from the iconic Muizenberg cloakrooms peeking out over the street.

Families parked their backpacks and babies under towering trees and settled in for a day of total rus en bliss.

Everyone was having a time from toddlers darting in and out of picnic makers, to cool-cat, suspender-wearing old-timers pottering about barefoot and enjoying the young energy.

Yesterday marked Sean Koch’s first show back from his Euro tour as he pumped energy into the crowd with reggae vibes which got heads bopping and arms waving to ambient melodies. Koch’s last number pulled out the real ysters who sparked a dancing procession.

During Diamond Thug’s set they dropped a new song called “Back Push” – a pretty tune to sway to, psychedelic sounds floating on the sea breeze.

A little later, fans flocked to the front as the headlining indie-folk trio, Sons of the East all the way from Sydney, Australia belted out the blues. I don’t know what kept the crowd more entertained, their accents or the lead vocalist’s animated character as soon as his fingers hit the strings prompting the crowd to rally an encore.

Matthew Mole bounced onto stage turning the scene violet in a dungaree and purple tee in support of 16 days of activism against gender-based violence and dusted off fond favourites like “Take Yours, I’ll Take Mine”, and “Holding On”.

The company in front had ballooned to well over 100 people, gripping their spots and deploying troops to gather shawls and jackets as the air turned cold before the The Loopster’s headlining set.

Salty seadog, Jeremy Loops, grabbed his penny board and peddled his way up to the park just 40 minutes before his homecoming set, injecting a lekker warm dose of gees into the crowd with grooves like “Waves” and “Skinny Blues”.

Those who still had a bit of punch left in them rode the high all the way to a sneaky after party at Tiger’s Milk. Hello December my old friend, let the play begin!

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