Piecing together the puzzle, Arno Carstens releases two new tracks and videos ahead of his album release

One could be embarrassed at the amount of praise that can be lavished on Arno Carstens – but when one of our own has played the likes of Glastonbury, T in the Park and Hard Calling, as well as joined tours beside hailing heroes The Rolling Stones and U2, there’s nothing really left but to lavish.

He’s been slow to release details on his upcoming album – in fact the few singles which have been dropped in the run up have only really been a piecing together of the puzzle, if you will.

“With these two songs, a fuller picture takes shape of what will be the scope and depth of a fractured album release that will evolve in parts, and complete once all of the pieces are compiled,” explains Carstens. The two singles dropped simultaneously on Friday alongside accompanying music videos.

“Out of the Blue” finds it’s feet with an ’80s-style synth beat and melody line. Navigating the unpredictability of our existence, it’s an up-beat love song with a raw and real-life twist. While nothing particularly groundbreaking, the sound is dappled in texture which drives it home a little more authentically.

On the other hand, “Don’t Let it Be” – which was produced alongside Charlie Hamilton of Backstage Studios – is a beautifully subtle acoustic ballad, emotive and effortlessly mild – which in turn allows his vocals to step into the fore. “The same song but redone/ in the junkyards, in the slum,” he lilts.

These releases are two more pieces which will soon make up the whole of a fractured release, and we’re waiting on the rest, Arno.