R&B vibrations pulsate through Dave Monday’s music video for second single, “Eshowe”

If you live away from home and experience homesickness on the regular, chances are it only takes a single smell, picture or tune to make you wish you could pull a Dorothy and click your heels straight back to your dining room table behind a plate of your mum’s home cooking.

Directed by Sisanda Mgedezi and produced by Cape Town-based content creator Zeus Feni, the narrative follows Dave Monday strolling pensively through all sorts of foliage (love me a good leafy backdrop), feeling blue about the love left behind in his hometown which has since faded into a distant memory.

Incoming chimes – because is it really a contemporary R&B track without wind chimes – as Dave Monday takes us through nostalgia station with gospel elements that pair well with the mountainous scenery.

Light-leaks, together with many a majestic stare into the distance pack emotion into the cinematographically appealing video while sporadic curls of Dave Monday’s mouth are hints that Dave is reminiscing about the good times in Eshowe.

While Dave Monday brings the soul to this emotional ballad, against forest-ey trails and rolling mountains, I really missed shots of the mysterious sweetheart he left behind in his hometown which would have added that extra sparkle and maybe even prompted a grab at a bucket of Haagen-Dazs to cry into as flashbacks of your break-up hold your memory bank hostage.

But, I must confess, the open-endedness of the video makes it relatable to anyone who has had to choose between hometown bae and the big city life.