Russ and BIA drop a steamy video for “BEST ON EARTH” and it’s got Rihanna’s stamp of approval

Since I know a good portion of South Africa is still processing Russ’s tiny tour (big show) in October, I’ll take this opportunity to catch you up on just what’s going in this guy’s life at the moment.

Hot on the heels of an album release announcement – SHAKE THE SNOWGLOBE will be hitting the airwaves on the 31st of January 2020 – Russ and BIA hooked up (and you can take that almost literally given the accompanying music video) for a hot-around-the-collar collab, which peaked as Russ’s most viral release to-date.

He also just dropped his bestseller self-help book It’s All In Your Head which I’m sure fans will be falling over themselves to scoop up for a little wordly insight.

“BEST ON EARTH” is why we’re here though. It’s a chiming, kick-back rhythm rooted track, awash in lewd phrasing and a whole lot of sexiness. The video, directed by Edgar Esteves, follows the pair into a basement strip club, drenched in hazy lights and thronging, twerking women. Russ papers the floor in dollar bills and scores himself a couple of lap dances, while the Perico Princess, bedazzled and barely-clad, drops it low with her chorus.

RiRi got a mention and clapped back keenly, dubbing this her “new fav song” – spawning the #BestOnEarthChallenge and bumping up the track to Russ’s best to-date.