Satanic Dagga Orgy’s new video “How High The Moon” is as outrageous as it’s fun

Satanic Dagga Orgy have been around long enough for most of us to have crossed their wild and reckless path and anyone brave enough to look past their name will know that their music doesn’t quite match that notorious image.

It’s all just red speedos, beer boeps, and bouncy tunes, and their outrageous artistry never ceases to surprise me – the same goes for their latest drop, “How High The Moon”. 

The video follows the band as they visit a pastor in the wilderness, seeking sanctuary from all their unsustainable boozing, while their house-sitters throw a party full of all the stuff the band’s name might suggest. The flesh, the dildos, the delicious fetishes – don’t watch this with any self-respecting sense of sincerity – it’s all tounge-in-cheek (quite literally), and that’s the fun of it. 

An American emo-folk sound dominates the track, and it’s a sound that should have probably stayed in the early ’00s. Perhaps something a little closer to the folly of an actual satanic dagga orgy, but it’s a shred more tame – and I actually think that’s the point. Their video, on the other hand, is far beyond it.