Soweto punk rockers TCIYF just released their CUMLYF EP so get ready to thrash

A couple of years ago, in the streets of Soweto, the Skate Society Soweto was formed and spawned a punk-rock collective which, these days, has garnered a reputation as a thriving cult favourite.

TCIYF (which eloquently stands for “The Cum In Your Face”) are fresh off their European Tour and their newly dropped CUMLYF EP is an 11-minute in-your-face pure punk-rock offering which is over barely before it’s started.

These guys have triggered a counter-cultural movement in their hometown streets which has, over the years forged a bridge between Johannesburg and township-turned-city Soweto through a common musical identity.

The EP from start to finish is a thrashing, break-neck offering – and while they’ve got all the elements down to a tee, let me tell you, they have one hell of a bassist in their midst. “Band Practice” adopts a throaty, Americana rock trajectory, while “Ziyawa” is the first track to truly let loose a barrage of hardcore riffage of in the name of a jol.

They pay homage to the matriarchs who raised them in “Super Granny”, and let mosh-pit-worthy riffage reign supreme throughout the rest – before stepping back to inject a little pysch influence into “Gin & Fights” to wrap things up. A rollicking thrasher of an EP if I ever heard one.