Take a trip into a techno-house whirlpool in Rose Bonica’s, Mouthful of Concrete EP

Rose Bonica’s latest EP is an ode to falling down, eating concrete and getting back up with a smile – in the form of some deep house excursions down the rabbit hole.

She’s been producing sound in her bedroom since 2016 and emerged from her lair in 2017 to hit the decks for real. Her sound is a landscape of wild, tumultuous sound. Pivoted off a dark electro tangent aimed to rattle the listener round the edges. Serious stuff.

Mouthful of Concrete takes things to the dark side and back again in just that way. The overly simplistic strains of “It’s Like Winter Without You” hone in on a hollow beat. It’s not the strongest start to the EP but it certainly piques the interest.

“Mouthful of Concrete” and “Pressure Cooker” deliver far more solidly with deep, dark, dirty beats that hark home to festival graveyard sets. Cut, build, drop. That’s the general recipe. Static haze and clanging percussion throws in some well-measured texture before “My Soul is Bonaqua” slides in to close things off on a decidedly lighter note.

It’s direct and dark, drenched in both classic ploys and crunching experimental counterparts which are as pleasing as they are unsettling.