Temples on Mars deliver a colour-washed and decidedly wholesome rendition for “Make No Bones” in their latest video

In a series of alternate versions of tracks off their debut album, London-hailing rock quartet Temples on Mars just dropped a chiming and twilit video for “Make No Bones”.

As a rule, these guys channel a decidedly eclectic take on progressive rock – honing in on both accessibility and polished grit which lends their sound a dose of wholesome contingency. They’ve got members and past projects hailing from all corners of the planet, and a bevy of high profile performances under their belts which sweeps through the prog-rock scene of Europe.

Their video for “Make No Bones” is awash in purple and blue, holding them almost suspended in a bubble of their sound. It’s a simple, clear cut and clarified performance video and divvies right up beside the chiming, hollow, expansive sound they adopted in this version.

Falsetto vocal pitches meet dreamy melody held together by a defined progressive rock tangent – only the lyrics lend the darker edge of the track and if you’re not paying enough attention you might just miss it. Somehow they hit a whimsicle mark and it’s just about as soothing as rock can get without losing itself.