Tracy Norman’s debut EP Life As I Knew It is a beautifully honest blend of two very different genres

Tracy Norman makes her debut with her EP Life As I Knew It – a tender collection of raw acoustics, swooning horns and a fresh blend of folk and jazz. There’s a weight to everything about this EP: the lyrical depth, the autumn melodies, and most appealing of all, the honesty of Norman’s songwriting. 

Don’t get put off by the weight of it though, because it’s refreshed by the lightness of Norman’s new musical spirit, and feels like something we can really get our hearts into. 

“Come Here” is Norman at both her heaviest, and her lightest. The track rides on her sweet vocals – a kind of beach bonfire sound.

The rainy trombones are a refreshing touch too, setting her apart from her folk contemporaries. If there’s one thing an artist needs today, it’s a unique selling point, and Norman may be on the brink of it with her solid mash-up. 

If there were lyrics that could sum up this EP, it would be these: “be still when there’s too much noise”. There’s a stillness that Norman opens up on, so beautifully wide, and if you open yourself up too, it will surely latch on.