Alainite’s Late At Night EP is brimming with charm, but it’s nothing we haven’t heard before

Alainite’s solo venture has been steadily prolific. His new EP Late At Night comes only three months after his After Hours EP – a debut that went to show how style could still thrive under commercial weight. He’s established himself around that principal sound ever since the start of his decade-long career, and rightly so that it’s finally finding its way into the light.

Late At Night centres around a restrained processing – the samples are quietly outweighed and acoustic instrumentals dangle in the background, while the vocal hooks take absolute precedent. In refining his approach, Alainite proves that industrial tact comes quickly to him, and for the most part the popular melodies work, but he still can’t find the polyphony across tracks to back himself.

Even when exciting snippets are introduced, like the bedroom acoustics on “Spinning”, or the lulled pianos on “Distracted”, they’re not celebrated like they need to be. It comes back to his deliberate restraint, which can very easily be mistaken for a lack of versatility, or worse, a lack of ability.

Alainite has the commercial presence to do well but that will soon fade if he can’t find new boundaries to push and rules to break.