Billie Eilish’s self-directed video for “everything i wanted” is an ode to sibling love

On top of all the heat she’s been bringing to the game recently, our favourite dark popper Billie Eilish just dropped a self-directed video dedicated to her ride-or-die: namely her brother Finneas.

In a touching exhibition of candid feeling “everything i wanted” is as close to a ballad as the 18-year-old artist has ever gotten. It’s pitching keyboard melody and sweet-verging-on-saccharine lyrics root down with a slide-in beat – as Billie and Finneas take to the road.

“My brother and I wrote this song about each other and I wanted to create a visual that emphasises that no matter what, we’ll be there for each other through everything,” explains Eilish. Finneas has been her sole collaborator and no doubt steadfast-rock through their almost meteoric rise to fame over the last two years.

The shadowy video tracks the siblings driving through the night and into the ocean where they begin to sink to the depths. The real tearjerker comes around 3 minutes in when they take hands as they sink into the darkness as Eilish’s liquid vocals spill, “As long as I’m here/ no one can hurt you.”

I’ll take this moment to remind you she’s also got a James Bond theme song in the pipeline and who the hell knows what else but we cannot wait for all of it.