Bold immersion and diverse collaboration paves the way for Parabyl’s success on his third EP: Dispersion

Parabyl’s music has been a point of bold experimentation since the start of his career, and his third full length release, Dispersion, shows no signs of tripping up. It’s as grounded as it is futuristic, pushing an eclecticism that is the biggest success here. 

In addition to the chief electronica, there’s a cast of local and international collaborators (Tzara, Albany Lore, Vitu, Ohsolow) that bring their own talent to the mix, and tracks like “Katabasis” and “Upstream” centre contemporary hip-hop at the core of these features. Parabyl weaves genres as if there were no borders between them, and I think the result will really speak to a wider base of listeers. 

He has still retained his staple identity though and while it does feel a little too simulated at times, and much too repetitive, there’s an intricacy to the sampling that feels almost dream-like. This immersive sound really does vouch for the video-tech melodies, and “Data Mine” pushes them passed any ingenuine front.  

Given the chance to flourish, Parabyl has shown his electronic tact, but better, his common motive. This is one for all and all for one.