Dizzy Khaki’s visual for Joy Club Cassidy Cassidy’s “Government Lying” squares up to a skewed political climate

Get ready for a dose of punk rock telling you what’s really up. Pretoria-hailing Joy Club Cassidy Cassidy have been shredding guitars and Gauteng stages since 2017 – favouring a sort of Americana college-esque rock sound and a whole lot of political jaunts.

Dizzy Khaki chipped in with their innovative visual stance for the video to the latest track “Government Lying” – and it’s not hard to guess the theme here. Joy Club Cassidy Cassidy are, quite simply, driven by the need to be heard. They’ve got a whole lot to say when it comes to this world of ours and they have a way of unveiling the kak with a catchy rock ‘n’ roll influence and a heavy dose of cold hard truths.

The camera pans down and the four guys, kitted out in leather jackets, tight suits and binoculars look for all the world a gaggle of dysfunctional government spies. It’s voting day, a wireless radio at the ballots crackles to life and rebellion ensues. From there on out it’s all rollicking performance countered by snapshots of government resistance across the world – all keyed off gritty riffage and an unexpectedly polished, stripped bridge.

It’s a socio-political truth bomb wrapped in a track that’s feel-good and catchy AF.

Cover photo by Lea’s Lens.