Dominic Fike just blessed us twice, dropping his B-sides EP and announcing his debut album is “coming soon”

We’ve got nothing but love for Florididian bad-boy-gone-good Dominic Fike.

He first popped onto our radar about a year ago and since then he’s churned out a steady stream of releases, solidified himself as one of Columbia Records biggest young assets and even got a nod from Obama himself when the former US president listed him among his preferred songs of 2019.

To top it off, Fike rang in his 24th year on this planet – and it’s bound to be a good one – with the release of the B-Side project of his debut EP. I might remind you that Don’t Forget About Me, Demos was written while he was under 3-months house arrest – and while “Falling Asleep” and “Batshit” never made the cut for the debut release they’ve come right on time to keep ’em hanging.

The throwaway tracks are two previously unreleased demos – which hit the airwaves via YouTube first along with a Instagram post claiming that there’s an album imminently on the horizon.

“Falling Asleep” favours a roughed-up rock-esque tangent bubbling beneath an old-school static haze – while “Batshit” slides through with a stripped guitar melody and fast-tracked ear-worms of lyrical lines which just reek of things to come.

I’ll say it again. If you haven’t been paying attention to this young gun, who’s redefining pop music for the instagram era, you’d better start now.