Evening Machine’s self-titled debut EP is a whirlwind of texture and sound

Evening Machine’s EP is a conglomerate of DIY experimentalism which treads the sharp edge of the knife between earth acoustics and electronic ambience – they’re turning clutter into quality.

When I say clutter, I mean their trajectory is a roughed-up amalgamation of sound across the scope. From traditional African percussion and vocals, to oozingly ambient other-wordly beats.

“Alchemy” is full-bodied and almost cinematic in its bold African-esque textures and multi-fold vocal harmonies – while “Organfree-Masonism” is a 50-second palate cleanser of almost-nothing.

There’s something wholly visceral about their compositions. “Pop Your Bubbles” simmers with unpredictable rhythm, “Contra-Alley” takes 5 whole minutes to transition through stripped, cool melody to a frenzied conclusion. “Pace” picks out a pin-head beat – and I’m somehow inclined to label this genre as post-modern jazz. Not for any jazz implications at all, but simply for the delightfully disorganised attempt of what feels like semi-improvised composition.

The EP are by no means proud and polished: their combative strategy of combining elements, while occasionally hitting perfect balance, has a tendency to overwhelm. But perhaps that’s what they’re going for – so I’ll take it.