Gazelle teases 2020 comeback through cryptic social media posts, 10 years after the release of his debut album

Let it be written that January 3rd was the day that Gazelle (real name Xander Ferreira) decided to rise from the ashes.

Over 10 years ago Gazelle made his musical presence known with a small electro-rooted track called “Die Verlore Seun” and with the opening line (“Sorry papa/ Ek moes die plaas verlaat/ Want ek mis die disko ligte”) fashioned an instantly iconic track.

“Inspired by images from Daniel Laine’s book ‘African Kings’ a series of portraits became some of the artwork for my first full length album ‘Chic Afrique’ (sic) released in 2009,” Gazelle explained in a Facebook post earlier this month, and I find it very insightful, all these years down the line, to be privy to the influences that helped Ferreira shape the semi-illusive figure of Gazelle.

Ferreira, who is now living and working in New York, enjoys a thriving music career in America and when I was in New York in 2018 I was fortunate enough to catch one of his shows in Manhattan. The venue was bursting at the seams and we enjoyed a carefully curated line-up of emerging talent – through supporting acts but also, through his own band members.

As far as Gazelle is concerned, after a few posts and the obvious revival of his social media, we’re excited to see what comes to fruition from this emergence.