Jason Zeeman’s Sweet Escape EP is a synth-pop ode to love lost

Jason Zeeman is one of those musicians with potential stamped all over him – but could always somehow use a little spicing up when it comes to his solo releases.

The Jozi-based singer-songwriter, who previously fronted SAMA-winning rock band Reason, has honed his solo skills through session-performing, writing and producing on various levels for the last few years. Now his freshly released EP Sweet Escape has dropped and it’s time to reap the rewards.

The EP, which was born through a re-connection and subsequent collaboration with Josh Klynsmith (Gangs of Ballet), is good – but it’s not great. It’s got hooks in all the right places through. It plays hookie with synth and acoustics in equal measure. It’s soaked in a kind of endearing lovelorn mentality which prevails throughout.

Layered lazer synth meets classic pop melody in “Never Break”, whose polished almost-experimentalism only just keeps it’s feet on the ground. Country vibes take the fore in “Float’s” welcome and unexpected change of tack – rooting the track in organic acoustics and textures.

And he just keeps things moving. “August” is built on a organ-esque swell of sound, gripped by a solid back-line beat – while “Panic Attack” wraps things up with a high-tone electro foundation: a brooding, nostalgic rumination on love gone wrong which is as relatable as a broken heart.