Lat Patrollie teams up with Francois van Coke for an ode to the board in their video for “SKATE”

When it comes to Lat Patrollie, skating is as synonymous with their lives as their punk-rock band shenanigans – to these guys skating and punk go hand in hand like nothing else.

To be honest, this track has been around for a while. One of those crowd-pleasing sing-alongs which sort of just begs for release but never gets one. “SKATE” finally got one though – accompanied by a hazy, rough-around the edges DIY-conglomerate of a video. An opening slot for Fokofpolisiekar early last year blossomed into a Francois van Coke collab and here we are.

It’s all growling rock contingencies and rollicking pace – fed off a manic, frenzied energy which never seems to fully run its course. The video is pivoted off beer, big beards and skate parks.

The band cluster around a table strewn with empty quarts before diving into a rip-roaring rendition between their dimly lit studio and a graffiti-scrawled skate park. Van Coke dives in to throw down the chorus lines. It’s a whole lot of a gritty wildness, packaged with classic punk rock ambivalence.