Meet the Saxby Twins: brothers crafting beats

Wayde and Kyle Saxby are fresh outta high school still riding that wave of late adolescent prime and they seem to be young, burgeoning beat magicians too.

With a pianist mother and a whole lot of spunk they kick-started their love of music around the age of 15 with a slew of covers. Almost five years on and they’re boasting a polished debut single “Falling For You”, which dropped a week ago.

Laid down with the help Clint Watts at Watts Recording Studios, it’s an expertly balanced neo-pop banger, honed and tucked in round the edges. It’s a love song, really – navigating (guess what) the clumsy process of falling for someone. To be honest, it’s like every song on that topic you’ve ever heard – right down to chords of the opening progression – but they threw in a beat and let me tell you, it changed the game entirely.

Percussive textures flesh out their sound, while the boys spill verses packed with modern colloquialisms (“Lately I’ve been catching feelings,” comes a crooning line), before a thumping, solid chorus beat drops. Hook that up on a good sound system and you’ve got yourself an absolute cooker of a track, fleshed out and satisfying.

We’re watching this space oh-so closely.