Next Project On The Pile: Travis Scott’s varied label compilation JACKBOYS just shot to No. 1

Since being catapulted into the world of the seasoned and successful rappers with this 2018 Grammy-nominated ASTROWORLD, Travis Scott has been powering through a slew of side projects – from a Netflix documentary to founding his own festival – and he’s left visible footprints in just about each corner he’s ventured to.

JACKBOYS comes as a four-part collaboration with the three artists currently signed to his personal label, Cactus Jack Records. The collective, made up of Sheck Wes, Don Toliver and Luxury Tax, dropped the seven-track compilation album which rocketed to #1 on the Billboard Chart in days – a feat which he has since come under fire for combining his album with merchandise sales to help boost overall numbers.

That being said, the album has more than enough weight behind it to pull the numbers on its own – perhaps just a little thin on the collaborations it was marketed for. Luxury Tax slides in for one verse, and one verse alone in the hollow hazy “GANG GANG”. While Sheck Wes and Don Toliver get one and two tracks respectively. The album kicks off on Scott’s smash-hit collab with Rosalia, “Highest In The Room”.

Don Oliver pulls through as perhaps the most notable of the compilation – in a music scene heavily awash in hip-hop hopefuls, Scott’s out there pulling his homies up the ladder after him and we salute him for it.