Noa Milan and Bboy D deliver a blue-hued love song in “Secrets”

Noa Milan cuts a striking figure, eyes burning into the camera lens as she rolls out her latest. The bilingual singer has opted for English this track around – and although I’m inclined to add that her Afrikaans songs channel a whole lot more soul, “Secrets”does its best to hit home.

It’s bordering on purebred electro pop. Progressive synths layered above a basic beat. She’s roped in rapper Bboy D (Duane Lawrence) to drop a couple of bars too – but it’s Milan’s vocals, as always, which really hold the whole thing together. It’s a love song. Nothing major. A reflection on the trust built when you meet someone worth their salt – and while it tends to fall a little flat, Milan’s liquid voice pulls it through.

The video, directed by Jeanne-Maré Raubenheimer (minus one brief doozy which involves a miscalculated lip-sync edit) elegantly tracks a blue-toned rendition of “Secrets” – reeling out lyrics as her ice-blue eyes stare into your soul, hair coiffed on top of her head, cutting minimalist dance moves. Bboy D fills in the edges, spitting verses with characteristic swagger and bedazzled snap-back cap.

It might not be her best but it’ll do – Milan always does.