Outskirts is a fabulously fresh new party celebrating the other side of queerness and Cape Town is in for a weird and wild ride

Queerness, what with all of its manifestations, can be as confusing to a raging queen like myself as it is to the stereotypical Jan-Hendrik who plays rugby and hails from Gauteng.

I can’t pretend to be a quarter as woke as I should be, so when people talk about what being queer means to them, I am more than willing to listen.

In an interview with Chester Martinez, a queer dancer and performer in Cape Town, he hit the nail on the head, at least for me, saying, “When I educate people on queerness, we must look at the root of the word: queer, which means other. It’s not always pertaining to our sexuality.”

Outskirts is a fabulously fresh new event in Cape Town that highlights, encourages, and celebrates this otherness without limitations and without having to understand it.

Headed by queer performance artist, Tazme Pillay, co-founder Eevee Pillay (drag queen), and host Glittoris, Outskirts kicked off on the 5th of December, a soft launch for a First Thursdays performance. Pillay admits that the soft launch was smaller than they’d hoped but assures that their official launch that will take place tomorrow night (31st of January) at Zero21, a queer venue in Cape Town will be, “Daring, bizarre, and outrageous!”

The fact that Zero21, a venue renowned for hosting mainstream drag events, are playing host to this party steeped in otherness, is another win for the self-proclaimed weird kids.

In an interview with Bubblegum Club, Pillay explained, “We are the other side of drag and burlesque, and it’s not always pretty but it’s valid, it has something to say and now it has a space to say it.”

So dust off those heels, fluff up your wig, and don your darndest – Outskirts is all about the weird, and the weirder, the more wonderful.

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Feature pics by Elliot Naude.