Texan punk rockers, The Dumpies, are headed to SA for seven-date tour at the end of February

The Dumpies, from Austin, Texas, blend energetic Ramones-style punk rock with splashes of hardcore and garage rock.

Since the start of 2017 they have released four impressive records named after athletes, the latest after iconic SA runner Zola Budd, and at the end of February they’ll be hitting SA shores for seven shows, courtesy of We Did This Records.

“The scene in Austin has issues, but is ultimately solid,” The Dumpies told We Did This Records ahead of their SA tour. “The best shows still happen under bridges and in illegal spaces. There is a lot of bullshit music in Austin, because of things like SXSW.” I love these guys already.

“Touring has always been an opportunity to interact and share artistically culturally and socially with people we would otherwise have never met. After traveling and playing music in Chile, Argentina, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia we wanted to push that to another culture and continent. South Africa in particular seems like such a deeply complex and layered place – the intense mix of so many cultures and environments and histories all interacting with each other.”

Check out all their tour dates below.