The Third Gunman are packed full of surprises in their debut EP The World That You Create

Roulette-rock outfit The Third Gunman’s debut EP The World That You Create is a shape-shifting entity filled with driving riffs and insistent rhythms that looks at the darker side of life.

For clarification, roulette-rock is a fan-coined term based on the fact that the members of The Third Gunman (Len Botha, Jacques Mouton, and Ishi Prinsloo) are all multi-instrumentalists with a penchant for switching roles on stage. 

This philosophy seeps into their studio work which, while based in a solid hard-rock sound, changes its identity at will. The almost QOTSA-esque feel of “Go Play Dead” takes on a dirty, dive-bar swagger in the statement of independence that is “Nomad Land”.

With its intricate guitar lines and slowed-down tempo “Look at Her Go” takes a sentimental turn while “Cut Your Beard To Spite Your Face” gives the tenderness of the aforementioned track a harder edge.

“Reckless Dream” and “Believe” keep the trend going, switching between moods and styles – the latter building into a bridge that, all things considered, shouldn’t be a surprise but still manages to subvert expectations – before “Evolution” cries out for help as it brings the party to an end.

When you listen to this EP – which you should – take my advice leave your expectations at the door and let it take you where it wants, you won’t regret it.