Afrikaans rapper, Middelvinger, blazes through his latest music video “In Die Begin” and how is the man still standing?

Hotdog eating contests for who? Cape Town-based Afrikaans rapper, Middelvinger (real name Jean Labuschagne) plows through 19 consecutive hits as if it were an olympic sport in his latest video “In Die Begin” off his debut album Boland Bad Boys Vol 1.

The concept for the music video was picked up from Australian surf rocker, Dune Rats with whom Middelvinger struck up a good friendship during their touring time in SA. Dune Rats’s music video for “Red Light Green Light ” released in 2013 sees Danny Beugs (guitar) and BC Michaels (vox) go head-to-head in a shambolic bong contest.

Middelvinger kicks it up a notch though, as he is handed boujee-looking bongs from two models on either side of him who take turns packing the bowls from a giant vase filled with dagga balls. Aweh.

Score is kept at the bottom of the screen after each hit, which had me wondering whether OG blazer Snoop could even top this madness. I’d pay money to see them go toe-to-toe.

Middelvinger mumbles, “Was anyone counting?”  emerging from the green haze after 3 minutes 30 seconds without pupils but thankfully, a bottle of water.

Skut over to Middelvinger’s Facebook and keep watch as dates for upcoming shows might drop any second.

Watch the video here.