Age of Indica turns psych rock on it’s head for their pseudo-ambient Through The Eyes of Three EP

“We are merely symptoms of an infinite universe.” 

That’s the resounding message behind Age of Indica’s almost vox-free EP. The message itself is delivered behind the philosophic static haze of “Outro”, summing up the project with hard-hitting simplicity. 

The Jozi-hailing trio have crafted a lo-fi psych-rock album with almost frightening individuality. That is to say, it’s harrowlingly excellent. Dark melodies and dragging rhythm set an eerie and hypnotic tone in their almost wholly instrumental soundscape.

From 7-minute slow burners which slip from cruising ambience into harsh, rollicking riffage and back again (“Sleep”, “Call of the Void” and “Eyes of Three”) – to the meandering guitar distortions which leave you hanging on the edge in “Raise the Dead” – Age of Indica side-step along the sharp edge of the knife without ever falling into the roaring prog-rock depths which threaten. 

They’re hollow and foreboding in “Dogmageddon” (Pt. 1 and 2), chiming and untethered in “Hades / Apollo” and utterly, gratingly alien in the grinding synths of “Outro”. Finding a fascinating new level of psych rock to play with, they’ve brought a resounding, eerie tameness to a genre made for the wild.