Alexandra May’s video “Ross and Rachel” is exactly the Friends love reference you were hoping it is

With an hour-long Friends reunion just recently confirmed by HBO, this week has really been one for the diehard fans. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m one of the cronies, and when I heard about Alexandra May’s new music video “Ross and Rachel”, my obligation as said fan-girl dictated that I get on board. 

Directed by Tyler Walker and co-written by Jimmy Nevis, May’s new track literally comes from her love of the show. Taking from Ross and Rachel’s 10 season-spanning relationship, May wanted to write a love song riddled with hope – that in the end, love will always work things out.

This is the kind of track you listen to while getting ready for a date – it’s charismatic and after having produced an acoustic version with Loki Rothman, the mardy appeal becomes all the more May’s own, as sweet as it is captivating. 

The video was staged at Tribe Coffee in the beating heart of Woodstock, taking on that same spontaneity that May’s music exudes. Walker is a great director and having worked with some pretty A-list bands overseas, his intimate direction sways May perfectly into context.