ByLwansta gets candid about dealing with a dodgy mental state in “The Bike Song” feat. Robert Koch

He’s got a whole lot more than this about to drop (SPIJØNGET (Chapter Two) is due on the 28th of Feb) , but just because he’s the master of build up, we’ve got the chance to warm our ears to ByLwansta’s latest beat, “The Bike Song”, featuring award-winning German electronic producer Robert Koch.

It’s ByLwansta’s fist international collab and let me tell you, it hits home in all the right places. Navigating the rough mental aftermath of a violent mugging in Johannesburg’s Park Station last year, “The Bike Song” tracks the therapeutic effects of just getting on a bicycle and riding away from his memories.

“I don’t really want to stay in the same fucking place in my mind,” he raps over the dark, solid bass-line beat which holds down the fort. “I don’t want to stress I just want to ride/ ’til I’m feeling OK.”

It’s a slickly produced track, forthright and honest, and it’s got a whole lot of ruminations that’ll hit you in the chest harder than the beat.