Eminem stops by Oscars to perform “Lose Yourself” 17 years after his win for Best Original Song and it’s better late than never

When Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” from his autobiographical movie “8 Mile,” won the 2003 Academy Award for Best Original Song, the rapper did not attend that year’s ceremony because, as he mentioned a few times in the run up to the show, he thought he didn’t have a good chance of winning.

BUT SURPRISE MOFOS – Guess who’s back 17 years later to finally pick up that performance cheque.

Yes that’s right, in a move that stunned and confused a lot of people in the audience, Marshall Mathers crashed onto the stage to perform the now-iconic “Lose Yourself”, the first ever hip hop track to win in that category.

“You couldn’t take the song out of the movie, and you couldn’t take the movie out of the song,” explained Lin-Manuel Miranda before Em crashed out onto the stage.

GOAT? Well, one of them that’s for damn sure.