Ground control to major Tom, new label Outer South is about to bust through the sound barrier with an explosive fusion of genres

As the manager at independent aggregator Africori, Adam Tiran has worked with some big names in the African and South African music landscape from rhythm and poetry queen, Sho Madjozi, to Easy Freak, to the Parlotones.

Now – separate to his side hustle as a DJ and journalist – Tiran takes us on a transcendental sound journey in his mix series “Transmission One” – just a taste of what’s to come on his record label, Outer South. 

Operating from Joburg and London, “Transmission One” is a morsel of what to expect from the architect of a “Shapeless World” where the synergy of sounds can escape to be together.

“Transmission One” slips into the eardrum in the first ten seconds. A Bonobo/ODESZA-esque thread of electronica trip-hop runs through the mix, transitioning into a Jorja Smith/Jinsang-type dusty soul beat tape. This smooth blend of neo-soul, afrobeat, downtempo charms the head from left to right slowing down the world.

The first official release under Outer South is only due to drop in the next three months and so, as we wait to see what Tiran has up his sleeve, we’ll have to be content with the earworm of “Transmission One”.