Indie Dog craft rough-around-the-edges indie rock over coffee and crushes in “You’re Free”

Jozi-based four-piece, Indie Dog, craft a blend of blues, funk, folk and rock which is as predictable and it is catchy. They’ve only been around for a year but they’ve scooped slots at White Mountain Festival and Balcony TV with their effortless chime and charm. They tread the fine line of the over-saturated indie-rock sub-culture which is somehow still alive and doing it’s best to kick after all these years.

I have a tendency to balk when indie is brought up – but that being said, “You’re Free” is still gonna make you loop it right back around on repeat. It’s got the sort of roughened, stripped acoustic quality which will work it’s way into your limbs despite any genre-based misgivings.

A grooving bassline meets clear-cut vocals through the lounging guitar line. It’s a love song – although the sweet, DIY style video might make you think differently as you watch the boys face self-doubt in the face of wayward crushes.

“I wanna be the one you see when you close your eyes and think you’re free,” comes the crooning line as they bounce between the four walls of a coffee shop grappling their own misgivings before plonking down on the couch to write this very track.