Joff and the Cults have sleepy PE wide awake with their new video “Stay”

Steven “Joff” Carter is usually behind the camera as a filmmaker and producer with an appetite for capturing stories. This time around he’s spearheading a new video courtesy of Joff and the Cults. 

In a Peaky Blinders come-vagabond getup, Joff finds himself seated at a table with a crew of shifty characters. We’re playing detective, recruited to decipher a series of clues and suspicious looks to solve the riddle.

 A deranged-looking woman (Megan Du Toit) suddenly croaks after a sip of “tea” and so begins a series of unfortunate events unfolding in a wild murder-mystery – and the plot only thickens.

Joff structured the concept of the music video in such a way that it would be open to interpretation but the real story behind “Stay” stems from a series of conversations with people that have fallen into the crippling grip of drugs. 

“I wanted to have a dark, eerie little story like a children’s story, that’s why we kept the ghosts as white traditional sheeted ghosts,” he explains.

The lyrics feed into the narrative of having aspirations, worries, responsibilities, dreams and obligations but getting stuck in the nullifying effect of a drug-induced delirium and never being able to realise them.

Joff and the Cults have concocted a gritty, lullaby rock potion that has breathed new life into storytelling and sent us floating down retrograde avenue.