Khalid and Disclosure have teamed up again for a self-empowering banger “Know Your Worth”

The last time Khalid and Disclosure got together they churned out their 2019 hit “Talk” which wasted no time in listing them among the Grammy nominees for Record of the Year. They’re two young guns who’ve got a whole lot going for them, and if this track has anything to say about it, they’re about to ride into an award-streaked sunset.

Taking a step away from the slow-burning ballad “Eleven” which Khalid already dropped earlier this year, “Know Your Worth” is an up-beat banger simply itching to get onto the dance floor.

“Find someone who’ll put you first/ Find someone who loves you at your worst,” the 21-year-old British hit-maker croons across a swathe of synth and vox samples. It’s the sort of reminder every young thing needs – that we ain’t got time to put up with anybody who doesn’t have our best interests at heart.

Pivoted off a classic Disclosure big bass beat which hits hard and heavy as the chorus drops, the track is countered by high-tone smattering percussion as Khalid’s languid vox lines unravel a self-worth pep talk we all need to hear, to be quite honest.