Lungelo Manzi gets real about getting out of a dark place in “Sometimes”

We’ve got nothing but love for Lungelo Manzi. This KZN rapper’s been steadily working his way to the top of left-field hip hop over the last year – and then, just to exhibit his versatility, he dropped a stunningly unique live jazz EP to wrap up 2019.

Rolling into the new decade, he’s set to finish up his Black Dog EP series, gravitating back to his sound and “Sometimes” has just dropped as the first single off Black Dog 3.

It’s clear-cut and clarified – he wastes no time in drowning his tracks in over-production and synth webs. Instead an Eastern, chiming flutey melody pivots off the heavy bass beat which kicks the track into motion as his visceral lyrisicm marches over the top.

It’s all about grappling with a dark place while steadily vying for success. He raps through aspirational struggles on the road to personal fulfillment – candid lyrics snapped over a snagging synth percussion.

“I need a break/ I keep my aim/ I need my space/ when I’m in my fee fi fo feelings.” It’s snap-back, whip sharp verses meeting a sizzlingly simple beat. And it works oh-so well. Here’s to tapping our toes till that album release.