News Records launches with a first-time vinyl, tenth-anniversary reissue of Albert Frost’s classic, Devils and Gods

In 2019, during a collaborative release involving Permanent Record and Shifty Records, the idea of reissuing a series of South African classic releases, regardless of genre, on vinyl for the first time was thrown around before settling on a small selection of releases that should be considered to launch the project, and thus Re.Press Records was born.

Their first release? 2017 South African Music Awards (SAMA) winner Albert Frost’s seminal work Devils and Gods with the inclusion of two bonus tracks from the original recording session to beef up the tracklisting to an impressive 8 track EP on a 10″ vinyl format.

“There is a wealth of past South African albums that deserve to be committed to vinyl. I can’t think of a more deserving release for the first title under the Re.Press label,” explains Permanent Record owner, Rouleaux van der Merwe.

Seven years after Albert Frost’s solo debut in 2002 (after his many years of sideman work as a blues guitarist with Blues Broers and Frosted Orange) – Albert Frost cemented his reputation, both as a guitarist and vocalist with a slick, self-produced six-track EP titled Devils and Gods.

Released late 2009, aided by bassist Lanie van der Walt (of Not My Dog and Wolmer Records fame who also engineered the recordings) and drummer Jorik Pienaar.

The result was an instant South African classic release that saw Albert catapulted to new heights and acclaim and now, it’s a re-issue must-have vinyl for your collection.

“Having Devils and Gods released on vinyl is a dream come true for me,” enthuses Albert Frost. “This EP is my favourite album and experiencing it on vinyl makes it truly come alive.”

Get your hands on “Devils and Gods” on vinyl here.