Robin Auld just wrote the soundtrack to The Brenthurst Foundation’s new book in the form of “Jambo Express”

In true form for representing Africa in his ideals as always, Robin Auld has written a song, “Jambo Express” in conjunction with The Brenthurst Foundation’s new book The Asian Aspiration: Why Africa Should Emulate Asia, And How It Shouldn’t.

Serious stuff penned by serious people including Greg Mills (head of JHB-based Brenthurst Foundation), Olusegun Obasanjo (former president of Nigeria), Hailemariam Desalegn (former prime minister of Ethiopia) and Emily van der Merwe (economist at The Brenthurst Foundation). In which, through a thorough analysis of lessons from 10 Asian countries, the authors applied them to Africa.

Robin Auld – along with Greg Mills himself – has taken the book into his own musical hands to pen “Jambo Express” which drops today. Built off a guitar and percussion backbone, it’s pivoted off a sound which I consider probably the only sound truly reminiscent of South Africa – the sort of upbeat acoustic Afro-pop favoured by the likes of Mango Groove, Johnny Clegg and Hot Water.

The video is a simply shot montage of Cape Town – from studios to township streets, the bustle of the city center to the Muizenberg railway line as a streaked yellow metro trundles by.

Brass inflections weave through as they belt out the track from the back corner of a shabeen. Take a listen, it’s got something to say.