Robin Thirdfloor takes his beats to the bush in his “Phumelela” video

If you’ve been listening, and I hope you have, then you’ll already be familiar with Robin Thirdfloor’s “Phumelela” which featured on his 2019 EP Zithande. If you haven’t then you’re in for a belated treat.

Featuring Camal, Seazy XXL and Jabulani Cindi, “Phumelela” is – according to Thirdfloor – pretty much your Monday Motivation in a bottle. Chronicling success – whatever form it may take – and the rocky road which leads you there, it’s a cruising bilingual rap number awash in off-kilter rhythm and whining siren-synths.

The video is a Jägermeister endorsed trip into nature with the homies. Block colour urban fashion cuts strikingly against the leafy background. Thirdfloor squats on a rock in a lurid pink sweatshirt, spitting verses at the camera. Things escalate, more people pull in, the Jager is flowing and a jol unfolds.

Classic Robin Thirdfloor, to be honest. Always one to pull the crowd in his videos. He’s got his debut album CHEESEBOY steadily in the works so keep watching this space.