Sió matches visual artistry with poetic delivery on her new video “Place To Run”

Scenes of a monolithic nature give rise to Sió’s new video for “Place To Run”. It comes off her recent debut album sbtxts, lauded for its poetic translation of Afro-soul and jazz, and with every crystal note she sings, Sió solidifies her place in the industry – SA’s very own Billie Eilish if you will.

The creative direction on this video is brilliantly considered – Sió’s style is made for the dark of the night. And while she stands in surprising contrast to her surroundings, the visual pay off remains stunning – contemplations of a landscape, reflections of movement, moments of intimacy – hypnotising plays to back the track itself.

As the music submerges into muffled production, Sió dives into a screen of light, and while it may seem obvious for the visuals to imitate the writing in this way, it’s in fact beautifully captivating. These are firm creative choices, and they come down to the talent of Marnus Strydom and Hankyeol Lee, both of whom directed on a budget of R0. That’s a feat in itself, and if the biggest takeaway from this isn’t Sio’s flawless ability to transport listeners beyond her music, it has to be the power of camaraderie between artists, and the magic of what can be made purely from a place of passion.