South Wolves’ Nothing Good Happening At 2AM EP is the sort of wily indie-pop that keeps you on your toes

South Wolves have a way of tracking all those trials and tribulations of life  and making the whole thing sound a whole lot more hopeful than it actually feels.

Nothing Good Happening at 2AM takes a deep-dive into everything from the trawling indecision which comes from growing up and out of a small town, to young love, lost love – and the perils and pitfalls of falling into the drug scene before you’ve had a chance to live. Pretty much everyone can find a piece of themselves in this off-kilter clamour of an EP.

When I say off-kilter I mean despite the welcomingly familiar indie-pop strains which thread through every track, there’s a clumsiness which trails them through the mixing and mastering which never quite gels.

It goes without saying, however, that through the bright riffage and feel-good melody lines, high tone acoustics and easy percussion – this EP will catch and hold you.

“Ambivalent” kicks things off with a cushiony guitar melody and rollicking energy. “Settle Down” navigates the highs and lows of life through unpredictable rhythm, while “Dear Love” roots things down a little more firms with a steady bass line.

A bit of spit and polish and it would be a dream.